All About A&E Tea Towels

All About A&E Tea Towels

Flour Sack Tea Towels

100% Cotton and 100% a Kitchen Staple

Let's talk one of our newest products, shall we?

Apple Pie Tea Towel

Apple Pie Tea Towel


First, let me say, if you've never used a flour sack tea towel, they're wonderful. Absorbent, versatile, the all around champ in your kitchen. While our towels are most definitely "usable", they are meant more for decoration to keep that pretty little design perfectly in tact. 

One of my favorite things about these towels is their foldability (a word I just made up to describe how nicely they fold up to hand over your oven door). The actual printed part of the overall towel is relatively small, but that's by design! See below:

Choose between designs based off of our most popular Recipe Art Prints, perfect to pair up for gifting.

Every tea towel comes shipped to your door neatly tucked into a sealed, plastic bag to prevent staining and soiling, along with care instructions to keep it pristine.

Looking to pick up one of your own?

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