Baby Y - Second Trimester Recap

Baby Y - Second Trimester Recap

Phew! Holy cannoli I truly cannot believe my second trimester with Baby Boy Y has come to a swift close. I know everyone says things like that, but wow when you're in it, the time is flying by and we still have so much to do!

20 weeks pregnant

How I've been feeling:

It's true what they say, your second trimester is a dream compared to your first. Now, if you read my first trimester recap, you know that I was very fortunate to not have as tortuous of a first tri as many women I know. I was nauseous, dizzy, very sensitive to smells and so. easily. carsick. but, all things considered, it wasn't that bad.

Big thing I wish I would've overcome from the first tri that has carried over into the second is my aversion to eggs. I just cannot stand eggs in any form really, but the worst-sounding to me are scrambled eggs and deviled eggs. Needless to say, Easter was a rough holiday for me.

In general, the second trimester has been really kind to me. I didn't feel as tired as I did in the first tri, and I wasn't so big that I was experiencing a lot of back pain or feeling humungous. 

25 weeks pregnant

We got to go for a really short and sweet trip to the beach with my family and it was so nice to get away and relax for a bit.

If that wasn't enough, a few weeks later we went away to Colonial Williamsburg, VA for a long weekend to celebrate our 2nd Wedding Anniversary/My 29th Birthday/Our Babymoon. It was sincerely such a special trip and we had such an amazing time. 

I got my first ever prenatal massage and wowie was that worth every penny. I was a little nervous about what the experience would be like, but I felt totally comfortable the entire time and left feeling so relaxed.

28 weeks pregnant

We ate at so many delicious restaurants, took in the historic sites, and relaxed by the pool at our beautiful resort. It was magical. If you're looking for a different type of getaway, I highly recommend Colonial Williamsburg.

Long Story Short:

The second trimester has really been good to me and I don't have a lot of room to complain. Heartburn has been a struggle and bouts of insomnia have been plaguing me, but compared to the first, it's nbd. Mentally dealing with my body changing so much has been an emotional roller coaster that I (for some reason) wasn't prepared for. The symptoms that pop up out of nowhere, the fatigue, and the weight gain, you really feel like your body is not your own, but I guess it's not really, right? Taking daily walks for both my physical and mental health has been a big game-changer for me. I see a noticeable difference in my mood and state-of-mind when I make time to get those walks in.

It's hard to believe we're in the homestretch and getting closer every day to meeting our little boy. We are so excited and will see you in the next post which will either be about our maternity shoot or the nursery, whichever we finish first (lol).

Blair Ainsley

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