Behind the A&E Fall 2021 Collection

Behind the A&E Fall 2021 Collection

I am so thrilled to share some behind the scenes of the new products at Ainsley & Elaine for Fall 2021!

Please Note: This Collection Launches Wednesday 8/4/21

Pumpkin Pie 5x7

Pumpkin Pie Mini Print

When conceptualizing and designing what I wanted for Fall in the blazing heat of Summer (always a challenge), I knew I wanted to expand on some common themes already offered. 

I didn't want to overwhelm with 800 new products, I wanted each one to be a thoughtful contribution to the overall product catalogue. Overall, 6 new products were launched and each perfectly encapsulates Autumnal sweetness.

  • Pumpkin Pie Tea Towel
  • Fall Pumpkin Recipe Card Boxed Set
  • Carmel Apple 8 x 10
  • Caramel Apple 11 x 14
  • Caramel Apple Mini
  • Pumpkin Pie Mini

When selecting a new Recipe to add to our Recipe Print Collection, I always want to consider a few things - 1. Is it a classically loved recipe that makes you feel cozy and right at home? and 2. Is it pretty enough that you'd be proud to add it to your kitchen? Believe it or not, not all recipes pass both of these tests! 


Caramel Apple Recipe Print

Now thinking about what recipe satisfies both of those questions along with what evokes a Fall/Harvest/Autumnal feeling? Caramel Apples felt like a natural fit. I have always loved baking with apples in the fall - who doesn't? Caramel Apples are certainly delicious in their own right, but they are also stunningly beautiful when finished and waiting to be eaten on your kitchen counter.

Pumpkin Pie Tea Towel

Pumpkin Pie Tea Towel

The Pumpkin Pie Recipe Print is already a staple of our Recipe Collection so I wanted to be able to expand on that design by offering the Pumpkin Pie Tea Towel.

Fall Recipe Cards

Fall Recipe Cards

Finally, Recipe Cards are my favorite pieces of stationery. I love thinking about the family memories that come along with sharing recipes and passing them down. Fall is such a quintessential baking season that I knew I needed to add some fall-exclusive recipe cards to the mix!

Well my friend, that is the Fall 2021 Collection for Ainsley & Elaine! I hope you love it and I would be honored to have you invite any of these pieces into your kitchen. What are you looking forward to baking this Fall? Let me know!

See you next time,

Blair Ainsley

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