Behind the Old Fashioned Cinnamon Rolls Print

Behind the Old Fashioned Cinnamon Rolls Print

Cinnamon Roll Recipe Print

pictured: 8x10 Cinnamon Roll Recipe Print

Our newest recipe print recently hit the shop and I wanted to take some time to break down the process, the story, and what I love about it.

The Inspiration:

To tell you the truth, this recipe is one I've wanted to add to the repertoire for a long time. You know that I am all about classic, familiar desserts that give you that cozy feeling. What evokes that feeling more than a beautiful, delicate, cinnamon roll?

My grandmother, Elaine, absolutely loved a cinnamon dessert. Whether that be in the form of monkey bread (my family called it bubble bread), cinnamon coffee cake, or a simple snickerdoodle, we gobbled them up. Most cinnamon desserts are undeniably wonderful, but something about an old fashioned cinnamon roll is unbeatable.

Now, if you've ever made cinnamon rolls from scratch before, you know that they are pretty involved and taking some good ol' tender loving care. The challenge was finding a way to condense what is a fairly lengthy recipe and process into four concise steps and still making this so cute you want to hang it in your kitchen. 

Cinnamon Pencil Sketch

After lots of pencil sketching and re-sketching, I was able to get the process broken down into steps that made sense, but didn't detract from the star of the show in the middle. Trust me, it was a labor of love.

The Process:

Once that pencil sketch is sort of mapped out and ready, it's time to bust out the watercolors.

Cinnamon Roll Painting

For all recipe prints the process is
pencil sketch --> watercolor --> pen detail --> digitizing text and color-correcting
Color selection of the title is always a really important part of the process for recipe prints, but for this one, I wanted to stay true to the rich, warm browns and taupes of the food illustration itself. Throwing in a random bright blue or pink didn't feel right here, so the title ended up being that contrast of colors you see on the print now (with a few adjustments).
Cinnamon Roll Print
When sketching out a concept for the food illustration portion, I felt it very important that the iconic cream cheese frosting be included. After all, what is a cinnamon roll without icing? Sad. Naked. Still good, but not fully there. So, including those wistful dollops of icing alongside the, neatly tucked into place, cinnamon sticks really brings the rolls themselves to life. To say that I was starving for one many times during the creation and editing process is an understatement.

The Finished Product(s):

After all the love is poured into the print, a collection was born. The Old Fashioned Cinnamon Roll collection features our standard 8x10 and 11x14 recipe prints, as well as a Mini 5x7 print and one of our best-selling tea towels. I hope these pieces bring you that sweet, comfortable feeling, and that they make your kitchen feel even more at-home for you.

Cinnamon Roll Mini Print

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