The Secret to Grammy's Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Secret to Grammy's Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies

On the surface, a chocolate chip cookie may seem like just another chocolate chip cookie. I get that - how much can you really stray from the back of the yellow bag of chips?

Trust me when I tell you this cookie is *the* very cookie that sparked my passion for baking. I watched my grandmother make this cookie hundreds of times and couldn't wait to eat as many as I could until, despite her best efforts to warn me, I made myself queasy. 

They are just. that. good. 

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So what is the secret sauce? What makes these cookies better than any other chocolate chip cookie you've tried?

A cold cup of coffee.

Yup, that's it. A cold cup of coffee mixed in to the dough gives these cookies a depth of flavor that just cannot be recreated without. The strange thing about this secret ingredient is that it does not leave behind a distinct or overwhelming coffee taste. The flavor subtly enhances the chocolate chips and gives just enough "umph" to dough that makes these cookies irresistibly delicious.


The recipe has lived in so much infamy that when my grandmother passed away a few years ago, the first thing my family wanted to do to honor her memory was make these cookies. She was an excellent baker with so many great recipes, but this one is *the* crowd favorite and the one we, as a family, always come back to.


I'm so happy to share it with you and I hope you enjoy every sweet bite.


Grammy's Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe


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