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A Story in Every Recipe 

My grandmother, Elaine, taught me how to bake. Standing by her side in her bright, homey kitchen, I learned how to make the perfect pie crust and how to whip up a sinfully good batch of divinity fudge. Her knowing hands would knead the dough with care in one moment and playfully swat me in the wrist for not stirring right the next. When it was time to put our creations in the oven, she’d let me lick the bowl—just a tad!—before we cleaned up together. My cousins and I would play outside, waiting for her to call us in once it was ready. That first mouthful always brought the most delicious smiles. 
Elaine and her husband Gordon on their wedding day in 1956

Love through Dessert

My grandmother taught me how to bake but more importantly she taught me to bake with all my heart. Homemade desserts are pure love and simple joy. Their scent turns a gathering into a celebration. Their warmth can make a bad day better. It’s because of my grandmother that our family recipes are like heirlooms. They’re so much more than recipes—they’re my family’s liveliest memories.

Oh, Sugar

Elaine was a damn good baker and an even better wife, mother and grandmother. I started Ainsley & Elaine in homage to the comfort and relaxed elegance she brought into every room. She could make any space feel like home, any stranger feel welcome. Now that I’m putting down roots and starting my own family traditions, baking is, once again, my happy release. Chocolate Chip Cookies taste like childhood. Peanut Butter Blossoms are the best way to say “I’m sorry.” Each fresh batch brings a new beginning.
My hope is that in the art of every recipe, you’ll find little morsels of happiness. Fill your home with cherished memories and savor the time you spend making them. 
Warmest wishes, 

Blair Ainsley

Blair and Zach on their wedding day in 2019 
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